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Rural Familes Speak (RFS)

The Rural Families Speak (RFS) project is also referred to as NC223/1011.

The overall objective of RFS is to analyze the interactions among public assistance and informal social supports, community context, and individual and family characteristics and their relation to the functioning and well-being of rural low-income families with children over three years time.

Specific goals of RFS include:
  1. To track over time the individual and family circumstances, function, and well-being of rural low-income families with children in the context of welfare reform.
  2. To track over time the changing welfare policy environment as well as the community factors that facilitate family support for rural low-income families with children.
  3. To identify and analyze the interactions between welfare policy, community infrastructure, and individual and family circumstances, functioning, and well-being that affect the ability of rural low-income families with children to function in a changed environment of policies and programs.
RFS project is a multi-state research project, funded by Agricultural Experiment Stations in participating states and other sources. For more information, contact state PI’s.

This website was supported by the Rural Health and Safety Education Competitive Program of the USDA Cooperative State Research, Education and Extension Service, grant numbers 2010-46100-21791 and 2011-46100-31135.